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Special Snow

I'm currently having an overflow of thoughts, so although I posted this first, I might post another one in the future further describing and explaining the events that took place before this.

Last year, I spent two weeks on an all-expenses-paid trip to Japan. (If I'm already done with the follow-up "prequel" article, you should be able to find it here) We spent most of the trip in the Miyagi Prefecture. Kurihara City, to be even more specific.

Unlike most "normal" trips to Japan, this one was a program by the Japanese Government and Board of Education with ASEAN countries. This meant sightseeing, visiting schools, staying in a traditional Japanese home with a Japanese family, and lots of fun!

During most of our activities, we were accompanied by students of the two Junior High Schools in Kurihara City. They quickly became our friends and were part of many of our fond memories in Japan.

One morning, while the students of Kurihara were not with us, we woke up…

Beat the People Gap!

Sometimes, I get the idea that my friends and I are the main stars of a show, and everyone else are just background characters given speaking roles when needed. Pretty much just like the Truman show. I never shared this thought to anyone, simply because I know it's completely egocentric.

However, I have been witness to instances of people making this thought into reality. Classmates of mine would rarely care about the welfare of others, unless they were forced to be group-mates with them, then they would give them the special speaking role they didn't even ask for.

It's fine if you have a "core group" of friends, but that doesn't mean everyone else ends up as extras. They are still people, just not part of your circle.

People would always find me bonding with different groups of people at any given time. This isn't me trying to force myself into their group, it's just me beating the people gap. I try, whenever possible, to make people feel that they&#…

Learning Value from Sherlock

After a long hiatus, Sherlock finally returned to everyone's screens. What I did not expect, however, was the amount of pain I felt. On the second episode, Watson and Sherlock had this one exchange that shot an arrow to my heart: John: You did not kill Mary. She made a choice to save your life. You didn't make her do it, nobody could make Mary do anything. You didn't kill her.Sherlock: In saving my life she conferred a value on it. It is a currency I do not know how to spend. I haven't had anyone die for me, but you know it's a good show when you can empathize with the feelings of the characters, and at the same time have it resonate deep inside the recesses of your heart.
the regard that something is held to deserve; the importance, worth, or usefulness of something. Value is such a compelling topic. We value people, and people value us. But this is often not the case, sometimes (more like most of the time) we aren't valued. Here's the…

As long as you're here with me

I have tried blogging before, but I never really found the passion to keep going. Right now, I’m managing a mini-blog for a requirement in a class of mine, and I took the opportunity to start another blog-this one.

Now I’ve been giving it some thought, and I realized why I stopped blogging. I was blogging about all the wrong things. This blog will be about me.

You may also find me articulating some deep thoughts on my Facebook page, some lighter ones on my Twitter account (@nightvidang). But the things posted here are thoughts I just want to share, without second thoughts of it being nonsensical, not fitting in with the crowd, or misleading some of the readers.

My mind is such a convoluted place, I need somewhere to put my thoughts. I don’t expect most of my friends to read this, because I don’t plan to tell them about it. If they were curious enough to click the link on my twitter bio, then congratulations to them! But you, dear reader, I probably don’t know who you are, where you’r…