As long as you're here with me

I have tried blogging before, but I never really found the passion to keep going. Right now, I’m managing a mini-blog for a requirement in a class of mine, and I took the opportunity to start another blog-this one.

Now I’ve been giving it some thought, and I realized why I stopped blogging. I was blogging about all the wrong things. This blog will be about me.

You may also find me articulating some deep thoughts on my Facebook page, some lighter ones on my Twitter account (@nightvidang). But the things posted here are thoughts I just want to share, without second thoughts of it being nonsensical, not fitting in with the crowd, or misleading some of the readers.

My mind is such a convoluted place, I need somewhere to put my thoughts. I don’t expect most of my friends to read this, because I don’t plan to tell them about it. If they were curious enough to click the link on my twitter bio, then congratulations to them! But you, dear reader, I probably don’t know who you are, where you’re from, or what you did, but you found me! Feel free to scour my “mind” and join me in this journey of opening up to the world.