Beat the People Gap!

Sometimes, I get the idea that my friends and I are the main stars of a show, and everyone else are just background characters given speaking roles when needed. Pretty much just like the Truman show. I never shared this thought to anyone, simply because I know it's completely egocentric.

However, I have been witness to instances of people making this thought into reality. Classmates of mine would rarely care about the welfare of others, unless they were forced to be group-mates with them, then they would give them the special speaking role they didn't even ask for.

It's fine if you have a "core group" of friends, but that doesn't mean everyone else ends up as extras. They are still people, just not part of your circle.

People would always find me bonding with different groups of people at any given time. This isn't me trying to force myself into their group, it's just me beating the people gap. I try, whenever possible, to make people feel that they're not limited to their circle as circumstance may tell them to be. They have their friends, and I have mine. Nobody said we couldn't be friends with each other.

Most of these people are dragged into difficulty because those that can offer help, choose to help themselves. There's this culture of Crab Mentality here in the Philippines, that if they can't have it, then neither can you. In my world, it's worse. It's not enough that they're on top, you have to help yourself at the bottom.

People are given gifts of all sorts. But it is completely up to us if we choose to use it, and how. I can help, and I choose to help those stricken by circumstance.

My dad once told me that: "If you give, you are never at a loss." This was when I decided to give away a very expensive ticket to a concert because I was not feeling well to go there. But I think it goes beyond money or blessing people with gifts, it includes sharing yourself to other people.

Although there may be times I get frustrated by helping others, I still want to help! I may not be able to help you financially, but I can definitely help you mentally.

Stop beating the energy gap! I think we've had enough of that already. Try beating the people gap! It's way more rewarding.

What do you think of my thoughts today? Feel free to comment below!